Santana Lyrics

You'll find words to many of Santana's classic and newer songs here. We'll be adding more on a regular basis.

Africa Bamba
Black Magic Woman
Corazon Espinado (featuring Mana)
Do You Like The Way
Evil Ways
Game of Love (featuring Michelle Branch)
I'm Feeling You (feat. Michelle Branch)
Into the Night (featuring Chad Kroeger)
Just Feel Better (ft. Steven Tyler)
Love of My Life
Maria Maria
Nothing At All (featuring Musiq)
Oye Como Va
Put Your Lights On
She's Not There
Smooth (featuring Rob Thomas)
Why Don't You And I

Santana's Tone
Santana's Playing Style
Guitar, Amp, Effects Gear
Mesa Boogie Amps
Paul Reed Smith Guitars

Santana by Santana (debut)
Santana III
Ultimate Santana

Instrumental Songs
Samba Pa Ti
Soul Sacrifice

Carlos Santana Bio
Woodstock Appearance

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