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Summer's Day by Salvador Santana

Summer's Day Recording

Summer's Day Lyrics

Okay, okay, ride, let's go

On a summer's day
Kick it in the bay
Rollin' to LA
This is where we say

On a summer's day
Right next to my baby
Chillin' in the shade
This is where we say

Lookin' out my window
Checkin' out the view

I kick it down the street
Cruisin' avenues
I seen you up the block
One Sunday afternoon
And then someone tells me
How to get to you
And when the sun comes out (ride, ride, ride)
Relax your body
We can walk this way
Cause that's okay


Walk the line and stay in tune
I'm keepin' time I'll write to you
If you take the time, you could understand
I need to rhyme, dude that's the jam
Who is this gentle man?
Who is the gentle man?
I am, I am, wait let me tell you, damn
SF is my home by the bay
I find myself I'm right here in LA
What I am really tryin' to say
Nor cal, So cal, you can dance while we play


Relax your body
You can walk this way
Cause that's okay


Bye bye bye, let's go

Summer's Day Chords

Whole song
Cm - Bb - Ab - Bb

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