On 1999’s runaway hit album Supernatural, Carlos Santana embraced collaborations with a number of artists, both young and old. Though it may have seemed like a groundbreaking idea, Santana has teamed up with fellow artists throughout his career, including other guitarists (John McLaughlin, Jeff Beck, Stevie Ray Vaughan, et al), drummer/vocalist Buddy Miles, saxophonist Wayne Shorter, and many others.

In addition, Carlos has always celebrated the brotherhood of man, embracing not only ethnic and cultural diversity, but a wide range of musical styles as well. It is in this spirit that he joined forces with two of the founding members of African band Toure Kunda to produce the joyous “Africa Bamba.”

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Check out the new video for this guitar and percussion-driven song by the leading Santana Tribute and Latin-rock band.

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Actually, Africa Bamba is a remake of Toure Kunda’s song “Guerilla,” originally released on the band’s 1990 album, Salam. And, in fact, the lyrics of the song are basically an homage to different world cultures, referencing many South American countries, as well as Africa, Japan, and China.

Latin-Rock Video

Check out the new video for this guitar and percussion-driven song by the leading Santana Tribute and Latin-rock band.

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Maintaining a relaxed yet sprightly groove throughout, Africa Bamba incorporates African and Latin rhythms beautifully, and makes good use of timbales, congas, and other percussion instruments.

The chord progression offers several twists on the traditional Latin i – iv – V progression. Based in Am, the main chord sequence is Am – E7 – Dm – E7, but a couple of other progressions are thrown in as well, including one that includes an A major!

Santana‘s playing is tasty from start to finish. He switches back and forth between nylon acoustic guitar (with which he opens the song) and electric — his Paul Reed Smith guitar tone set for medium distortion, to enhance the dynamics of his licks. Carlos also makes a rare appearance on lead vocals; he is backed up by his regular lead singer, Tony Lindsday, and others, for the choral parts.

Africa Bamba Lyrics

Ella, ella, baila la Portuguesa

Estoy llamando a todas las morenas

Y las llamada la viene da la luz
Con calma se baila esta danza
Y con amor canto yo esta cancion
Africa bamba ase a un lado a la tristeza
Y otra mas dulce no la podras encontrar

Oye eso te vas a sentir feliz
Ella, ella, baila la Portuguesa
Africa yo te estoy llamando a ti
Oye Puerto Rico adonde estas
Levanta las manos Colombia
Oye donde estas Peruanos
Venezuela yo te quiero
China, China yo te quiero tambien
Japon, Japon, Japon que rico Japon
Japon baila con Santana
No se olviden Mexico, Mexico, mi Mexico
Mi Mexico

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English Translation

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I am calling on all brown ones
And the call comes from the light
We calmly danced this dance
And I love singing this song
Africa bamba give a hand to the pain
And a sweeter one you can not find

Listen, do you have that happy feeling?
She, she, dances Portuguese
Africa, I am calling you
Hey, Puerto Rico where are you?
Raise your hands Columbia
Listen, where are you, Peruvians?
Venezuela I love you
China, China I love you also
Japan, Japan, Japan, how beautiful Japan is
Japan, dance with Santana
Do not forget Mexico, Mexico, my Mexico
My Mexico

Africa Bamba Chords

Intro, Verse, Chorus
Am – E7 – Dm – E7

G – F – Am

Bridge 2
Am – A/C# – Dm – Dm/C
G – E7/G# – Am

Am – E7