If someone had told Carlos Santana in the ’60s that later in his career he’d actually have his own line of women’s shoes, he probably would have thought they were crazy! (Or asked what kind of drugs they had been taking.) But lo and behold, by the end of the century, Carlos Santana had become more than a guitarist, songwriter, and bandleader — he had turned into a brand.

Actually, the line, Carlos by Carlos, launched around 2005, was most probably created at the impetus (and under the direction) of Carlos’ then wife: Deborah Santana. And, it’s no surprise that a portion of the proceeds from the sales of Carlos by Carlos shoes are donated to the Milagro Foundation, established by Carlos and Deborah Santana in 1998.

The line of shoes, consisting almost completely of high-heeled pumps, wedges, strappy sandals and the like, is designed primarily for young women — or those who are young-at-heart. Currently there are just over 40 models in the line. Multiply that by color combinations, and you have more than 100 different shoes. Quite a showing for a guitar player!

Santana Tribute Band

Most accurate renditions of Santana songs anywhere. Hear their versions of Black Magic Woman, Europa, Smooth, more.

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Buying Santana Shoes for Your Lady

Picture this scenario: You’re a big fan of Carlos Santana, you like the idea of doing something that helps to support a leading children’s charity, and your cash flow is looking good right now. There’s only one problem: You’re a guy, and you know nothing about women’s shoes! You’d love to buy a pair (or two) for your wife, girlfriend, sister, etc. But how?

Imagining just this situation, I went to a leading stylist/personal shopper: a professional who knows how to pick out things that make other people look good. With her help, we’ve assembled the “Guy’s Guide to Buying Carlos by Carlos Women’s Shoes.” It should help men pick out shoes for their ladies — and hopefully make them heroes in the process!

Carlos’ Gear

What he uses currently, as well as the history of the amps, guitars, effects, and more that he has been using throughout his career.

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What Shoes are in the Carlos by Carlos Line

To help you sort through, we’ve categorized the shoes by Name and Style.

Combined with our “Guide for Men: Buying Carlos by Carlos Santana Shoes,” it should help women find what they want, and men navigate the treacherous waters of women’s shoes.

Viva los Zapatos!