Africa Bamba
A live version of Santana playing his remake off Toure Kunda’s “Guerilla.” Carlos alternates on electric and acoustic guitar.

Black Magic Woman
A live version of Santana’s classic hit, from 1990 in Rio. Alex Ligertwood covers vocals, and Jorge Santana alternates solos with Carlos.

Corazon Espinado
Video features Carlos and Mana in an animated performance on a sound-stage, plus storyline with a beautiful heartbreaker driving around town and dancing. From the Supernatural album.

Latin-Rock Video

Check out the new video for this guitar and percussion-driven song by the leading Santana Tribute and Latin-rock band.

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Do You Like the Way
Live version with both Lauryn Hill and Cee Lo, plus a full on horn section in addition to Santana’s regular band.

Santana performing his famous instrumental in an intimate live setting, and showcasing his trademark sustain.

Evil Ways
Recent live version of Carlos and the band playing Santana’s original hit song. Short but sweet!

Game of Love
Video featuring Santana and Michelle Branch performing their smash hit from 2002’s Shaman album.

Incident at Neshabur
Video featuring the original Santana band performing the amazing fusion tune from the Abraxas album.

Into the Night
Carlos and Chad Kroeger from Nickelback in a video for this song from 2007’s Ultimate Santana. Freddy Rodriguez (Ugly Betty) and Dania Ramirez (Heroes) act out the story line.

Live version of the classic Santana groove song, from the Sacred Fire album and tour. Extended version, featuring lots of solos (including Jorge Santana), and Carlos introducing the band.

Love of My Life
Dave Matthews and Santana performing their song from Supernatural, live, in front of a small but very enthusiastic audience.

Maria Maria
This video from Supernatural features Santana and the Product G&B on a soundstage, and in the neighborhood. Carlos on acoustic and electric guitar.

Oye Como Va
Live version of one of Santana’s best-loved songs. Slightly faster than the studio version from Abraxas, and with plenty of energy.

Put Your Lights On
Gritty video that reflects the moody intensity of this 1999 collaboration between Carlos and rapper/songwriter Everlast. From Supernatural.

Samba Pa Ti
Live version of Santana’s melodic instrumental tune, captured in Croatia in 1998. First recorded on Abraxas.

She’s Not There
This live version features the original singer, Greg Walker, trading licks and singing harmony with Alex Ligertwood.

Video from the mega-hit song that drove the album that re-launched Santana’s career. Rob Thomas on vocals, with Carlos and the band playing on the street.

Soul Sacrifice
Santana’s mind-boggling performance immortalized in the film, Woodstock. Inspired playing from the band drove the crowd wild.

Why Don’t You and I
Live performance of the rock song, featuring Alex Band on vocals. Recorded in the early 2000’s, soon after the release of Shaman.

Carlos, vocalist Alex Ligertwood, and band playing the hit from 1981’s Zebop album. Santana with a Telecaster — very unusual for him.