Who would have thought — in 1969 — that the guy wailing on a Gibson SG guitar at the Woodstock festival would one day have a broad selection of merchandise bearing his name? Yet here Carlos Santana is, 40 years later, with not only the status of an elder statesman in the music world, but a world-wide brand name as well.

Santana Tequila

After the success of his Champagne (actually, Santana DVX Sparkling Wine), Carlos took the next step by being part owner of the Casa Noble company, and introduced his own branded Carlos Santana tequila line. Bottoms up!

Latin-Rock Video

Check out the new video for this guitar and percussion-driven song by the leading Santana Tribute and Latin-rock band.

Watch the Video
As his musical legacy grows, there’s no telling what the future holds for the pioneer of Latin Rock. But in the meantime, here is a look at the products currently marketed under the Santana name.

Maria Maria Restaurant

Definitely “not your father’s Mexican food,” the fare at Maria Maria Restaurants is both provocative and delicious. Head chef Roberto Santibanez has created a selection of inventive meals that showcase the creative side of Mexican cooking.

In addition, the restaurants feature magnificent artwork, from paintings to sculptures, from a cadre of leading Latin artists. With four locations already open, the future for Maria Maria restaurants looks bright.

Santana for Men CologneSantana for Women Perfume

How do you translate the essence of Santana into a scent? By blending a number of “notes” (yes, that’s really what the different olfactory elements are called in the business!) into an exotic, flowery fragrance for women, and a woody scent for men.

Beyond the perfumes and colognes, these scents are also available in related products, like smooth body wash, deodarant stick, silk body lotion, moisturizing body wash, and more. You could fill your bathroom with products that give you the scent of Santana!

Carlos by Carlos Shoes

What does a guy guitar player know about women’s shoes? Whatever the answer, the Carlos by Carlos Shoes line is a formidable offering, with more than 40 models of shoes for women, from strappy sandals to western boots, sophisticated evening pumps to casual flats.

Assembled here are some helpful tools to help understand the breadth of the entire line. The Santana shoes are organized by the following criteria:


Men: Buy Santana Shoes for Women

Many male fans of Santana’s music may want to buy Santana Boots, sandals, or other shoes for their girlfriends, wives, sisters, friends, etc. However, women’s shoes are generally very poorly understood by men!

Guy’s Guide to Buying Carlos by Carlos Shoes

Imagine one of these lady’s surprise when a guy presents her with a lovely, sexy pair of shoes. What’s more, they’ll be her style, match the colors of her outfits, and be just what she wants. Impossible? Not for men that read the guide!