Released as the second single from All That I am,  Santana‘s third album in the “collaboration” series (after the phenomenal Supernatural and it’s followup, Shaman), “Cry Baby Cry” is a multiple-artist piece that fuses Latin, blues, hip-hop, reggae, and pop styles.

The cast of thousands on this song begins with the songwriting team: writer/producer Lester Mendez (Shakira, Jessica Simpson, Nelly Furtado, and others), pro songstress Kara DioGuardi (heir apparent to Diane Warren), Jamaican singer-rapper phenom Sean Paul, and writer/producer Jimmy Harry (Kylie Minogue, Pink, Kelly Clarkson, et al). Mendez also produced the track.
Beginning with a nod to “Oye Como Va“‘s legendary organ chord riff, the song quickly segues into standard hip-hop/pop fare. Although the woodblock percussion part and Carlos‘ free-flowing melodic guitar lines add a touch of distinction, this song is fairly straightforward.

Sean Paul and British soul sister Joss Stone share the vocals — Paul singing/rapping the verses and bridge, while he and Stone ramp up the singing on the chorus. The minor progression throughout (i – iv – i – V7) is unbroken save for the arresting modulation to an Ab7 during the bridge.

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While it bears few surprises, Cry Baby Cry is a creditable pop song, with a nod to Santana’s Latin feel. It fared better than the first released single, “Just Feel Better” with Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler, charting in a number of European countries, though not in the U.S.

Cry Baby Cry

Going back to the memories

Santana: Cry Baby Cry
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Reminiscing ’bout you and me
Thinking how it used to be
It’s plain and clear I treated you bad
But girl you know that I care
Every relation(ship) have wear and tear
Just draw near girl and try to hear and listen what my heart says

Many days and many nights

Many heartbreaks . . . many fights
Many wrongs but so many rights

So girl don’t let this love die
Never meant to ’cause you no pain,
Girl I never meant to treat you lame
Gimme one more chance rewind come back again
Don’t let this love die

Just Cry Baby Cry
(Don’t cry no more)
Cause every tear that flows falls into the ocean
And rises to the sky
And then the rain will come
Right before the sun shines

Can you feel me reaching out to you girl, can you hear my open thoughts
Never want (to) disrespect you girl don’t let this come break us apart
‘Cause I know I would die without you, my girl can you hear my broken heart
It’s calling out to the good times that we had back at the start

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Baby . . . (Don’t call me baby . . . )
You know I need you in my life daily. (You know you played me . . . )
I was a player but now your love changed me. (Dead wrong . . . )
I’m going crazy (I’m gone) . . . Never thought losing you would be so hard

So let go
And move on
What we were
Is now undone
My tears have all dried
It’s your turn now to cry . . .

You’re losing your love and your trust for me girl
And you know, I would go to the ends of the world
If you wanted . . . Just like we started
Girl ’cause I don’t want to fight no more
Make it like it was before

I’ll tell you the truth
And you cried and I cried
Let’s get back to the place
And that look in your eyes
Can you feel it inside?
No clouds on your skies
The sun is gonna shine

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Cry Baby Cry Chords

Verse / Chorus / Solo
Dm – Gm – Dm – A7 (repeat)

Dm – Gm –