Color Me Carlos

Santana‘s shoes come in a bewildering array of colors and patterns. But you’re not shooting in the dark, as her shoes have to match her clothes. So, take an over view of her wardrobe, and see if certain colors stand out. Is she especially fond of pink? Blue? Brown?

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Of course it’s not that simple, as most women will have a variety of colors. However, if you see a predominance of one, that’s a start. So, if your lady has a lot of bright, light colors like pinks and purples, you should probably avoid some of the more intense shoe colors, such as red, grey, or gold.

Color Tip 1: Look at her belts and purses. Many people feel that shoes should match accessories, so if you see a number of red belts, then red shoes will probably work for her.

Color Tip 2: When in doubt, consider black. Besides most women having a lot of black in their wardrobe, black is a color that goes well with a lot of other colors. So if you’re unsure, it may be a wise choice.

How High Are Her Heels?

Carlos by Carlos Santana Shoes are basically a line of high heeled models, with the exception of one style of flats: Python. On the rest of the line, heel heights range from 3″ to 4″. On the plus side, many women love to wear high heeled shoes, because it adds height, and makes them look thinner. On the other hand, the higher the heel, the less comfortable the shoes are to wear. (For instance, you won’t find 4″ stiletto heels on women who have to stand on their feet all day!)

With that in mind, look again in her closet. You can determine the heel heights of her current shoes by measuring from the bottom of the shoe’s heel to the level at which her heel will sit. A good rule of thumb is: Don’t buy a pair of shoes with heels that are higher than her highest pair.

You’d also do well to match the kind of heels on the shoes she already owns. Here are some of the types of heels you’ll find in the Carlos by Carlos Shoes line:

Stiletto: Thin heels, tapering to a very narrow “point-like” bottom.

Square: Thicker than a stiletto, especially at the bottom. Has a bigger surface that sits on the floor.

Wedge: The heel is the same shape as the back of the show, and is solid along the sole, so the whole sole connects to the floor.

A stiletto heel provides the least support, while a Wedge provides the most. So, for example, if you see no stiletto heels in her closest, it’s probably not a good idea to buy them for her

Talking About Toes

Carlos by Carlos Shoes come in closed toe and open toe styles. With the closed toe styles, there are “pointed,” “round,” and “square.” In addition to studying what she already wears, be cautious about pointed toe shoes. As you can imagine, many feet don’t fit naturally into them, so if you don’t see these in her closet, you should stay away from them.

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