In the open toe format, there are anything from the completely open “strappy” sandals (most of the foot is exposed), to the “peep toe,” which exposes a little bit of the big toe, and sometimes portions of one or two other toes.

Besides looking in her closet, think about your lady’s habits. Does she get pedicures often? Is she concerned about her toenail polish matching her fingernail polish? She’s probably apt to like open toe shoes, especially the very open ones. Conversely, if she’s always complaining about her feet, it may be that the last thing she needs is shoes that show her feet to the whole world!

If The Shoe Fits: Plain vs. Patterns

There are a few shoes in the Carlos by Carlos Santana line that come not only in different colors, but feature various patterns as well. You’re always safer with a solid color shoe, but especially so if a lot of the clothes in her closet feature designs and patterns: stripes, polka dots, flower prints, etc.

However, if a lot of her clothes tend to be solid colors, you could consider getting her a patterned shoe. It’s a bold move that just may pay off!

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Advantages of Platform Shoes

Since many Carlos by Carlos Shoes have very high heel heights, they may be difficult for some women to wear. However, on platform shoes, this effect is eased — here’s how.

What causes the difficulty of a high-heeled shoes is the angle at which it forces the foot to sit. So, if you have a 4″ heel and a flat front, the woman’s heel is 4″ higher than her toes. Wedge shoesThis could be as much as a 45 degree angle!

But platform shoes mitigate this issue. Suppose you have a shoe with a 4″ heel, but a 1″ platform in front. Now, the woman’s heel is only 3″ higher than her toes, which is a much smaller angle. So, if your lady likes shoes that make her taller, but has a problem wearing extremely high heels, platform shoes may be a good answer.

In fact, several of the Carlos by Carlos models feature “hidden,” platforms, so it’s not obvious that it’s a platform shoe.

Carlos’ Gear

What he uses currently, as well as the history of the amps, guitars, effects, and more that he has been using throughout his career.

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A Few Last Thoughts

Here are some final tips for buying those for your lady, in no particular order.

– Metallic-finished shoes are best worn at dressy, evening or special occasion events — or clubs. In essence, nighttime events.

– If your gal is petite, but likes to look taller, a strapless pump or wedge would be great, because strapless pumps elongate the leg. Avoid ankle straps, which make her look shorter.

– Black shoes make her feet look narrow.

Finally, if and when you do buy Carlos by Carlos Santana shoes for your lady, make sure that the dealer you buy them from has a clearly defined return policy. Good sellers actually refund the cost of the shoes as well as your shipping — both ways. That way you’re covered no matter what happens.

Good luck, and happy shopping!

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