A Collaborator’s Dream

In essence, Supernatural paired Santana with a host of — mostly younger — artists and producers. (Though Santana and Davis produced the entire album, the individual songs were produced by a host of people. See list below for details.) The final product was, indeed, supernatural.

From the hip-hop/rap raw energy of “Maria Maria” to the Latin-pop drive of “Smooth,” featuring Rob Thomas, the passionate riffs of overture “(Da Le) Yaleo” to the bluesy coda of “The Calling,” (with Eric Clapton), Supernatural struck just the right chord at the right time. More than any album in it’s decade, it crossed generational and stylistic lines with an ease that seemed almost magical.

Carlos’ Gear

What he uses currently, as well as the history of the amps, guitars, effects, and more that he has been using throughout his career.

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Effects of Supernatural

In the ensuing decade, Carlos Santana, now in his sixties, has enjoyed a career Renaissance for which most artists would give their eyeteeth — at any age. His next three albums, ShamanAll That I Am, and Ultimate Santana, while not recreating the phenomenal success of Supernatural, have kept the Santana sound alive for at least three generations of listeners.

Commercially, his branded fragrance and clothing lines have placed him in the pantheon with celebrities that transcend their particular idiom to pervade popular culture.

His new found visibility has also allowed him to increase the awareness and good works of The Milagro Foundation, founded in 1998 with his then wife Deborah Santana. The Milagro Foundation “benefits under-represented and under privileged children around the world.”

Quite an accomplishment for a guitar player who — as a young boy in Tijuana — used to solicit pay for his music with the entreaty, “Song, mister; 50 cents a song.” 50 cents a song indeed!

Latin-Rock Video

Check out the new video for this guitar and percussion-driven song by the leading Santana Tribute and Latin-rock band.

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Supernatural’s Grammy Awards

Award Song/Album Artists
Album of the Year Supernatural Santana (Arista Records)
Pop Duo or Group with Vocals Maria Maria Santana
Pop Collaboration with Vocals Smooth Santana featuring Rob Thomas
Pop Instrumental El Farol Santana
Record of the Year Smooth Santana featuring Rob Thomas
Rock Duo or Group with Vocals Put Your Lights On Santana featuring Everlast
Rock Instrumental The Calling Santana featuring Eric Clapton
Rock Album Supernatural Santana (Arista Records)
Song of the Year Smooth Itaal Shur and Rob Thomas, Songwriters

Supernatural Song Info

Song Featuring Producers Writers
(Da Le) Yaleo Carlos Santana S. Ra, C. Santana & C. Polloni
Love of My Life Dave Matthews & Carter Beauford of the Dave Matthews Band Stephen M. Harris & Carlos Santana C. Santana & D. Matthews
Put Your Lights On Everlast Dante Ross and John Gamble E. Schrody
Africa Bamba Carlos Santana I. Toure, S. Tidiane Toure, C. Santana & K. Perazzo
Smooth Rob Thomas Matt Serletic Itaal Shur & Rob Thomas
Do You Like the Way Lauryn Hill & Cee-Lo Lauryn Hill L. Hill
Maria Maria The Product G&B Wyclef Jean & Jerry “Wonder” Duplessis Wyclef Jean, J. Duplessis, C. Santana, K. Perazzo & R. Rekow
Migra K. C. Porter & Carlos Santana R. Taha, C. Santana & T. Lindsay
Corazon Espinado Mana Fher Olvera & K. C. Porter (Alex González, co-producer) F. Olvera
Wishing It Was Eagle-Eye Cherry The Dust Brothers (John King, Michael Simpson), (Charles Goodan & Art Hodge, T-Ray, co-producers) Eagle-Eye Cherry, M. Simpson, J. King & M. Nishita
El Farol K. C. Porter C. Santana & K. C. Porter
Primavera K. C. Porter (JB Eckl, associate producer) K. C. Porter & J. B. Eckl
The Calling Eric Clapton Carlos Santana C. Santana & C. Thompson
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